Crypto Currencies

Elite-tools for cryptocurrency traders, with rich interfaces, real-time order books and sophisticated analytical resources.

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Reinventing the decentralized exchange

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Initial Fund Offering (IFO)

Create and invest in tokenized managed hedge funds and trustlessly share profits among contributors.

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Initial Algorithm Offering (IAO)

Trustlessly invest in sophisticated tokenized trading algorithms.

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Over the Counter Exchanges (OTC)

Privately buy and sell cryptocurrency privately off the exchange in-person at a branch, 24 hours over the phone, or online.

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Keep your trades private through our over the counter exchange. Submit trades online, via phone, or in-person at any one of our 15 global Nvest branches.

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By Phone

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Trade online
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Large range of

derivative products available: Futures, Options, and Swaps. OTC derivatives supported.

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Global Xchange offers

elite-tools for cryptocurrency traders, featuring rich interfaces, real-time order books, and sophisticated analytical resources.

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is a top priority. Global Xchange incorporates multiple layers of control and leverages the most reliable security technologies to protect your funds.

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Our platform

is fast with trades that execute in real-time. Build effective trading algorithms, charts, and tools using our API.

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Security audits

We schedule regular financial and IT security audits. Additionally, 95% of our customer assets are stored offline to further protect customer funds.

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4x leverage

Trade with up to 4x leverage through our margin funding platform. Maximize your returns on smart trades at reasonable rates incorporated seamlessly into our platform.



Global Xchange charges ZERO FEES through our online exchange. Get the most out of your investment with no maker or taker fees.

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Global Xchange

Initial Fund Offering Unlock the power of the most skilled traders

An IFO allows hedge funds to be created and crowded funded through a token offering with all raised funds secured trustlessly through smart contracts. Effective fund managers are rewarded a percentage of the fund’s profits.

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Global Xchange

Initial Algorithm Offering Make trading algorithms work for you.

Instead of investing in a fund manager like an IFO, an IAO allows you to investment in a publicly viewable algorithm in exchange for tokens. When sufficient funding are raised, the algorithm executes and runs for a predetermined amount of time. At the end of the period funds are divided among token holders with a percentage given to the algorithm creator.

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White Label API

Like our exchange? Rebrand it as your own using our White Label exchange service. Keep the features and customize it to your platform.

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